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App-y days for the survey team

Faced with a commission to deliver nearly 900 surveys for a national retailer, Watts turned to technology to save time and increase accuracy.

Our Leeds team recognised that a long-winded process potentially taking more than a day each for site per survey and office time, it could be radically reduced by using mobile technology and a customised app.

Having researched several options, the team developed the format and produced a bespoke app to capture all the information required by the client, including cost data and photographs.

Having trialled the new system, the Leeds team established that using the iPad app resulted in the surveys being produced 50% more quickly. It has also improved accuracy by building in on-site checks and standardising the way in which data is collected and presented. Further efficiencies have been gained through the ability to share information between sites where elements are common.

The success of the app led to it being rolled out nationally and used by all the Watts’ teams working on this project, enabling all the surveys to be completed with a 4-month period.

We are now developing this technology to benefit other clients.


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Watts Bulletin editor: Trevor Rushton.