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BREEAM Data Centres 2010 launched

New green building standard could reduce energy use in data centres by more than 50% says the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Following the trend for applying BREEAM to specialist building types, BRE has launched its new assessment method for facilities used to house computer systems and associated components such as telecommunications and storage systems. As these facilities have grown in number, the interest in applying BREEAM to assess their environmental impacts has also increased.  

BRE Global has worked with leading wholesale data centre provider, Digital Realty Trust, to develop the new standard. BREEAM Data Centres 2010 has been tailored to assess the particular environmental impacts of these distinctive buildings, whilst retaining BREEAM's holistic approach to assessing the sustainability of buildings. It aims to encourage the latest design and operational thinking in this fast moving sector. Now up and running, the BREEAM Data Centres will be refined during the next 12 months, using feedback from live assessments to inform any changes made.

According to the BRE, a particular area that will be a focus for further development will be the means of assessing the environmental impacts of the data management processes themselves - in addition to those of the construction and operation of the data centre buildings, for which the scheme already sets high standards. Experts in this area are being invited to participate in the further update and development of the scheme. 

BREEAM Data Centres falls within the family of schemes covered under the banner of BREEAM Other Buildings. This provides a number of different options for assessing non-domestic buildings that fall outside the scope of the current standard UK BREEAM schemes.

Anyone interested in using the new standard should note that BREEAM Data Centres assessments can only be carried out by licensed BREEAM Other Buildings assessors.

More information from www.bre.co.uk

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