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Glasgow Schools Fire Risk Assessments

Client: Service Glas LLP trading as ACCESS
Office: Glasgow



Project cost

Glasgow Schools Fire Risk Assessments Glasgow Schools Fire Risk Assessments
Watts were appointed to carry out Fire Risk Assessments and Building Surveys to 122 schools across Greater Glasgow. With a challenging timeframe to achieve, professionally qualified Watts staff from both Edinburgh and Glasgow offices were deployed rapidly to ensure all surveys were completed, and reports issued, within a four month timeframe.

Watts surveyed each of the 122 schools and drafted Fire Risk Assessment and Building Survey reports. The inspections also involved an interview with the Headteacher. The reports were provided in a template which was agreed in advance with the client to ensure all the information they required was captured.

In conjunction with an assessment of all external and internal fabric, the reports included an examination of fire risk considerations including compartmentation, travel distances, fire alarm/detection systems and condition of fire doors. An assessment was then made of the formal risk to life from fire in each building.

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