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David Morgan Redevelopment 2

Client: Helical Bar
Office: Bristol


Building Pathology
Neighbourly matters

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David Morgan Redevelopment 2 David Morgan Redevelopment 2
The building, a 125-year-old listed department store, is located in the centre of Cardiff and has been converted into a mixed-use commercial and residential development. During the refurbishment works it became clear that areas of the property had excessive moisture levels and in preparation for an incoming retail occupier, Watts carried out a damp investigation analysis which enabled the tenants' fit-out works to commence on programme. Watts undertook a specialist damp investigation in areas of the property reporting on general findings and the extent and severity of the problem. Further to the issuing of the report, Watts was instructed to revisit site and confirm any changes in the areas investigated. On the basis of our findings and further recommendations, the client’s incoming tenants requirements were addressed to the satisfaction of all the parties.

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