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CMA House and Atlas House

Client: Continuity Promotions (and others)
Office: Leeds


Neighbourly matters

Project cost

CMA House and Atlas House CMA House and Atlas House
Following demolition of the existing building, the plot of land on which CMA House stands was scheduled for redevelopment. The work comprised the removal of a chimney and cornicing from the adjoining elevation of Atlas House and excavation for new foundations, to facilitate the taller proposed development. Having received and dissented to both a Party Structure Notice and Three Metre Notice, the freeholder and tenants of Atlas House appointed Watts to protect their interests in the property. All adjoining owners with an interest in Atlas House dissented to the notices and appointed Watts as adjoining owner's surveyor. Watts protected their respective interests in their demise, by ensuring that the provisions of the Party Wall ect. Act 1996 were complied with.

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