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71-79 John Bright Street

Client: BPG (Urban) Limited
Office: London


Expert witness

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71-79 John Bright Street 71-79 John Bright Street
Watts' client was the landlord for this Grade II terraced property, formerly a cottage hospital, converted to a public house/night club, then vacated. It was left in derelict condition and suffered from rampant dry rot affecting all storeys. As part of the dilapidations claim against the tenants, we were appointed as expert witness, to report on the dry rot, comment on the tenant's expert's report and recommend remedial action to eradicate the fungal outbreaks. Watts was required by the court to meet the tenants' 'timber specialists' and prepare a joint statement identifying those matters that were agreed or not agreed. On the basis of this the court issued orders for the remedial works to be undertaken by the tenant and required our appointment to monitor the eradication of the dry rot.

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