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From workspace to smart workspace

By taking a holistic approach to rationalising the way property is used, a new consortium launched this summer, believes it can help revolutionise Local Authority workspace.

Speaking to leading players in the property industry at a meeting in July, John McCready, head of the Government’s new property unit, said private sector expertise would be needed to help cut the Government’s £25 billion annual bill for property running costs (source: Building). Leaseback arrangements were not the answer, he told attendees. Instead, he said, the real issue is occupancy and he praised the private sector for transforming itself via space utilisation.

One private sector player that believes it can completely transform the way the public sector uses its buildings, is a new consortium lead by Mott MacDonald that brings together a wide range of skills from leading firms, including Watts, to maximise the use and operation of an organisation’s estate. At the core is the identification of surplus accommodation and optimising the use of buildings and workspace through the adoption of effective workspace strategies. By looking at the way the three key overheads of any business: people, property and technology, impact on each other and the organisation, Motts director Charles Blane, claims to be able to change the way that an organisation performs. Through a low cost initial review of the potential to adopt improvements, it is possible to identify the opportunities before embarking on any change programme. The aim is to achieve business efficiency by considering those three aspects in the right combination through rationalisation and more efficient utilisation of premises and by achieving the right mix of working patterns for staff, enabled by technology with improved functionality of the working space.

To support this Watts advise on property and construction including landlord and tenant issues such as dilapidations, lease breaks, and building condition as well as offering acquisition and project implementation advice.

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