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We are actively recruiting graduates throughout the country. As an RICS approved employer, we are particularly proud of our approach to supporting our graduates through their APC. We see graduates as the future of our business and are keen to ensure that trainees receive an adequate breadth and balance to satisfy both the requirements of RICS and their future development.

Candidates that apply are assessed and then selected to take part in an assessment centre, which takes place over a full day. The purpose of the assessment centre is to put the graduates through their paces and identify those that we wish to employ.

Upon joining Watts, graduates will be allocated a Supervising Surveyor and Counsellor as required by the RICS.

We take an active interest in the affairs of the RICS and great emphasis is placed on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

In-house lectures are arranged on a regular basis, which meets the CPD and pre-qualification structured learning requirements of RICS. It is our intention to continue to develop a robust and stimulating programme of CPD seminars aimed at bringing technical staff up to date with changes in legislation and practice, materials, systems and techniques.