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Handling asbestos on small sites

It’s a problem that won’t go away. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), asbestos could be found in any buildings constructed or refurbished before 2000.

Following its recent refurbishment inspection initiative here are some tips from HSE Inspectors on handling asbestos on small sites: 

  • Before starting refurbishment or demolition work, make sure the building has been checked for asbestos-containing materials and plan the work to avoid disturbing these materials if possible.
  • If asbestos is found and will be disturbed during work make sure it is removed and handled correctly. This may mean using licensed asbestos contractors if the asbestos materials are sprayed coatings, board or insulation, lagging on pipes and boilers.
  • Provide basic awareness training for workers to help them recognise asbestos-containing materials on site.

For more information on the management of asbestos contact Paul Winstone, Director in Watts’ London office on 020 7280 8000.

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