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Help at hand for heritage buildings

Owners and occupiers of traditional and heritage buildings, particularly those that are listed, may be wondering where they can find advice and information on improving energy performance without compromising the fabric of these valuable and valued historic assets.

Help is now at hand in the form of new guidance from the Sustainable Traditional Building Alliance (STBA) which has developed two new online tools covering the retrofit of traditional buildings. The interactive web-based tools work together to enable users to develop retrofit strategies for historic buildings and aim to fill a gap in the market for information on this complex subject.

  • The STBA Wheel is an interactive guidance tool that allows users to customise their requirements to reveal guidance on specific types of properties and building conditions.
  • The Knowledge Centre is a comprehensive repository of information, based on research and case studies. This can be used alongside the STBA wheel or as a separate resource.

To find out more, go to

In addition, the Society for the Protection of Ancient buildings (SPAB) has recently published a briefing titled Energy efficiency in old buildings,  that will also be of interest to owners, occupiers and professionals in the historic buildings sector. The briefing contains views and information both from specialists in this field and from members of SPAB’s staff.

Energy efficiency in old buildings is available to download free of charge in PDf format at

Watts has a department dedicated to historic buildings and has extensive expertise in many aspects of this highly specialised sector. For more information, contact Allen Gilham, Associate in Watts' London office, on 020 7280 8000.

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