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Industry calls on coalition to extend DECs

The property sector is calling on the Government to use the Energy Bill to make Display Energy Certificates (DECs) mandatory for private as well as public sector buildings.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, senior industry figures are calling for DECs to be extended to private sector property, where non-domestic buildings are estimated to produce around 17% of carbon emissions. The organisations behind the letter, the British Property Federation (BPF) and the UK Green Building Council, have added a list of well-known and respected signatories to their list of supporters including: Francis Salway, Chief Executive of Land Securities; Dan Labbad, Chief Executive Officer EMEA Lend Lease; and Bill Hughes, Managing Director of Legal & General Property.

The BPF regards the introduction of DECs for private non-domestic as being complementary to the Green Deal. “Savings of between 5% and 30% can be made through simple no and low cost changes to the way a building is managed and occupied,” says Liz Peace, BPF chief executive. “DECs would ensure that any improvements to buildings would deliver on their expected energy savings.”

Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, backed the BPF view, saying “We’ve simply no idea how our buildings up and down the country are actually performing, so mandatory A-G ratings are the crucial first step in helping businesses understand and reduce their energy use...Government needs to listen to the property industry – this is something that will cut carbon, cut energy bills and create new market opportunities in green technologies.”

For more information got to www.ukgbc.org or www.bpf.org.uk

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