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Inspecting air conditioning systems – a reminder

The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive, in force since the beginning of 2008, has moved to its second phase of ensuring the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems in buildings. The previous requirement to inspect air conditioning systems over 250kw has now been extended and incorporates much smaller systems in the inspection requirements.

Since 4 January 2011, the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive required all air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw to have been inspected by an Energy Assessor. The inspections thereafter must be a maximum of five years apart.

Also, since January 2011, if the person in control of the air conditioning system changes and the new person in control is not given an inspection report, that person must ensure the system is inspected within three months of the changeover. Facilities managers should be aware of this requirement and pass the information onto all staff with responsibility for plant and machinery within their department.

For more information about air conditioning inspections, contact Mark Rabbett, M&E Director at Watts Group, on 020 7280 8000

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