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JCT launches Public Sector Supplement

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has published a new Public Sector Supplement to the JCT Standard Form Suite of Contracts.

The first of its kind in the industry, the new supplement was launched at the House of Commons this autumn. The supplement is tailored specifically for public sector clients and their contract administrators, and is designed to be a user-friendly document that can be used in conjunction with JCT contracts in the procurement of public sector projects.

The new supplement includes key features from the Government's Construction Strategy, including:

  • Provisions to ensure alignment with the Government's Fair Payment Guidelines;
  • A model clause authorising disclosures by public sector clients in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Government's Transparency Policy; and
  • Reference to any agreed Building Information Modelling (BIM) protocol.

Commenting on the launch, John Riches, chairman of JCT's Payment Review Working Group, said: "Historically JCT standard forms have been used widely and successfully by public sector clients.

"The new Public Sector Supplement satisfies key elements of the Government's Construction Strategy, ensuring that JCT contracts are at the forefront of government needs and JCT contract usage by central and local government clients can now move from strength to strength."

For more information, go to www.jctltd.co.uk

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