Watts' collaborative Project Management at 21 Prescot Street


'A beautiful find' published in the FMJ, regarding the refurbishment of 21 Prescot Street, reflects Watts' collaborative Project Management.

Watts implemented a fast track, two stage design and build procurement methodology. This enabled both design and construction phases to take place simultaneously, in order to ensure the client's ambitious date for completion was achieved. This cohesive approach ensured that closely defined aesthetic and quality standards were maintained whilst working to the deadline.

Design was of the utmost importance so that the new building both acknowledged the college's heritage and history from Belgrave whilst providing a facility that is looking towards the future within a modern environment. An example of this was ensuring the antiquarian book collection could be displayed, which needed to be humidity and temperature controlled as well as implementing ‘state of the art’ audio visual infrastructure to improve the college’s council meetings and its national and international communications. 

'The Royal College of Psychiatrists' new home is a perfect blend of new and old'

'Great to see the results of all the hard work' Royal College of Psychiatrists

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