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Government Confirms Additional £1 Billion Cladding Safety Fund



By Iain MacLaren

The UK Government has confirmed in this month’s Budget that a £1Billion fund has been created for the removal and replacement of unsafe non-ACM cladding systems in England, in addition to the £600million already available for the replacement of ACM cladding systems. 

Although the grant funding is aimed at both social and private residential sectors, it will only apply to buildings over 18m high and which have cladding systems deemed ‘unsafe’, with the Government clarifying that funding will not be retrospective to building owners who have already committed to replacement schemes.

Whilst a significant step forward in addressing cladding safety issues, uncertainty currently remains around exactly how funding will be accessed and how quickly it will be available. The exact qualifying criteria for ‘unsafe’ cladding systems, may also be open to interpretation.


With this funding provision in place, it is anticipated building owners will need to act immediately to meet their responsibilities in relation to unsafe cladding on their buildings, or statutory enforcement can be expected.


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