RICS EVENT: Identifying hazardous materials and how you can control and limit the risks they pose


Watts continue to support the RICS event programme today, delivering talks in both Glasgow and Belfast.

Asbestos is only one of many hazardous materials that can be found in the built environment, particularly in historical buildings. Identifying the various types of deleterious materials and understanding the responsibility of duty holders for managing these, is essential to mitigate risk to human health.

This seminar will look at strategies for identifying and controlling legionella and other harmful materials, including:

•Potential causes and identification
•Legislative requirements
•HSE: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
•Legionella risk assessment methodology
•Calcium chloride concrete additive and high alumina
•Woodwool in permanent shuttering
•Calcium silicate bricks, lead in paint and plumbing
•Formaldehyde and PCBs
•Silica dust

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