Re-gear or relocate?



In response to the UK’s highly-incentivised rental market, Watts offers a new multi-disciplinary service to its clients in the occupier sector.

Reduced construction costs, a negative trend in rental forecasts and an increase in accommodation supply, has led to landlords offering ‘market-busting’ incentives in a bid to secure renewals of existing leases or entice new occupiers into new or refurbished properties.


These include:

  • Rent-free periods (typically 1-2 years)
  • Capital contribution (reverse premiums)
  • Rent-phasing
  • Lease length and break options

Tenants have a golden opportunity to reap the long-term benefits of this market, particularly when there is increased pressure to minimise corporate overheads.

Watts’ Re-gear or Relocation Report enables tenants to understand and optimise the opportunities available. The service provided:

  • Ascertains budget dilapidations liability together with potential management strategies;
  • Provides a view on the financial implications of a negotiated settlement;
  • Determines the likely fit-out costs for new premises which includes associated expenses such as professional/statutory and Landlord’s fees;
  • Presents a budget analysis of relocation costs and offers programme advice;
  • Provides a clear comparative summary to help tenants understand the merits of the options; and
  • Reviews occupational density and patterns to establish if tenants are maximising the space available.

For further information about this service, please use the quick link to download our capability statement.


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