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Sustainability and climate change

The Watts Approach

The world economy is adapting to climate change, intense competition for natural resources and an acceptance that we are living beyond our means at the expense of future generations. As the UK property sector emerges from a long downturn these are factors that policy-makers and decision-makers cannot ignore. 

Traditional measures of performance, ‘fitness’ and ‘value’ are being challenged. Prized assets may need downgrading while others offer an opportunity for competitive advantage with some careful investment.

The sheer volume of policies, reports and initiatives by government departments and special interest groups gives confusing messages to businesses concentrating on core activities, their customers and shareholders. ‘What is important and how should we act?' This is where we come in. Watts is renowned for distilling complex technical information into practical business advice on the Watts Pocket Handbook Online – now in its 31st year.  These skills are focused on what the sustainability agenda means for each of our clients – helping them to prioritise, set targets and take the right decisions.

Our services are structured to give substance to those decisions, tracking a systematic path from aspiration to measurable achievement.

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