Guy Pritchard-Davies
Commercial Director
T: 020 7280 8024
M: 07972 774 214

"The management team at Watts is determined to build on the success of the last 50 years providing expert technical advice on a platform of outstanding client care. This is a great opportunity to work with talented and committed colleagues”.

Guy joined Watts in November 2016 as Commercial Director with extensive experience of design, contracting and building consultancy within the built commercial environment. Having held senior roles across the industry, Guys general management, marketing and business development background will support Watts across the UK as the firm embarks on a strategy for growth. Guy combines an in-depth knowledge of the market with an ability to provide strategic input and tactical advice.

The bedrock and platform of Watts’ culture is that that of “Client Care”. This way of thinking and engagement is encouraged Watts wide through building continual awareness of standards of performance and client expectation. “Watts Way of Working”.

Effecting change requires continual effort to ensure positive advancement and success. In part, success must be derived from the concerted efforts of operational board members, setting the direction, tempo and gaining support throughout the business.

I am delighted to be part of the team.




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