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Staff Development


Performance Appraisals

At Watts, we regard our staff as one of our most important assets. We invest in their career development and work with them to identify needs and areas for development. Our annual performance appraisals are used as a positive way to discuss how we can support our people in meeting their career goals.

The overall objective of an effective appraisal scheme is to help each employee to maximise his or her job performance for the joint benefit of the employee and the organisation. Any identified training needs are recorded and contribute to the company's overall training plan.

Staff development

Our range of development activities include:

•    Provision of appropriate systematic training
•    Provision of additional training/education for future job change or promotion
•    Core skills such as IT training, report writing, presentation skills
•    Management training skills
•    Health and Safety training

While it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements are met each year, local CPD sessions are organised throughout the year during lunch times

It is our policy to ensure that employees are provided with a comprehensive, structured induction programme and probation process to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills required to carry out their job safely and effectively.

Technical training
It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they fulfil all Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements every year.  Watts expects adequate attendance from all fee earners and members of Corporate Services, where appropriate. It is crucial that CPD hours are recorded in order for the firm to ensure that skill levels are being maintained. Local CPD sessions are organised throughout the year during lunch times. The subjects are agreed by the Watts Academy to ensure all relevant information is provided on topical issues. Staff are encouraged to both suggest topics and deliver workshops where they have the expertise to do so.

  • External courses – Where appropriate external training is provided
  • Coaching and mentoring – We encourage all managers to provide coaching and mentoring support for staff who are undergoing training and development. Managers have a responsibility to ensure that the skills and knowledge of more experienced staff members are shared with less experienced employees to ensure that learning occurs in a planned way.

Core skills and people management training
The appraisal process often identifies various skills, or areas for development outside of the technical requirements of roles. Examples include presentation skills, IT training, report writing and management/supervisory training. The aim of management training is to improve and develop the capability and self confidence of those with management responsibility.

Health and safety training
We have a number of mandatory H&S training courses which are delivered both on-line and through the CPD programmes. This includes manual handling, risk assessment, fire safety and for all technical staff asbestos training.