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Local Government

Watts has led, reviewed, managed and supported major local authority programmes and projects. Our research identifies common and continuing challenges:

  • Being clear about strategic objectives, and how current activities contribute to these objectives
  • Knowing what to rationalise and prioritise
  • Determining a project plan based on this information
  • Introducing new priorities into a range of existing activities
  • Having resource capability and capacity to deliver activities with the required flexibility to respond to change

"Watts is innovative and has an ability to come up with enterprising solutions to common problems. They deliver practical, workable, project management solutions and property and construction services with a refreshing and engaging perspective."
Housing Property Services, London Borough of Lambeth

"Watts has done an excellent job in helping to drive the delivery of challenging work at Merton. They are dedicated to helping us to deliver and are not only knowledgeable and dependable, but are able to bring world class best practice from their international presence in the commercial sector, which can be readily applied in local government"
London Borough of Merton


Bolton Schools Condition Surveys
Client: Bolton MBC
Office: Manchester
Cost: N/A

Deane House
Client: London Borough of Camden
Office: London
Cost: £3 million

Lambeth Major Repairs Programme
Client: London Borough of Lambeth
Office: London
Cost: £40 million

Kentish Town Sports Centre
Client: London Borough of Camden
Office: Bristol
Cost: £20 million

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