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Environmental Consultancy

Our environmental consultancy services go hand in hand with our technical due diligence offering where Watts is renowned for its independence and technical excellence combined with a commercial and pragmatic approach.

We specialise in providing phase 1 environmental reports which provide an assessment of the environmental risk for a site including such factors as:

  • Ground contamination
  • Site usage including historical and anecdotal information
  • Regulatory information & compliance
  • Environmental permits, landfill data, radon and sensitive areas
  • Coal and Flood risk (sea, river and surface water)
  • Site geology, hydrogeology and hydrology
  • Water quality and abstractions

Our overriding aim is to allow clients to make informed decisions on each transaction and provide guidance on mitigating environmental risk.


Rebecca Fairclough

Rebecca Fairclough


T: +44 (0)161 831 6180