Building Relationships

Our New Starters

We'd like to welcome some new faces to Watts, (from top left to bottom right). Mark Danby, Building Surveyor, London. Matt Gardiner, Building Surveyor, Bristol. John Gorham, Associate, London. Declan McKernan, Quantity Surveyor, Belfast. Damian Milne, Associate, London. Arfan Mohammed, Building Surveyor, Birmingham. Amanda Moore, Team Secretary/PA, London. Alex Oswald, Associate, London. Adam Robinson, Director of Project Management, London. Nicole Theunissen, Team Secretary, Manchester. Tim McGreavy, Director, Manchester. Andrew Allmark, Assocate, Manchester. Melanie Shackleton, PA/Office Manager, Leeds. David Robinson, Director, Leeds.


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The Watts Bulletin is the technical companion to the Watts Pocket Handbook, the essential guide to property and construction, as used by professionals since 1983.

Watts Bulletin editor: Trevor Rushton.