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Energy Audit Reports were compiled for 4 Court House properties, 5 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. To produce the Energy Audit Reports Watts executed a detailed examination of the operational energy management practices of the target properties. This included interviewing the key occupants, responsible for property management, to better understand how energy is being managed.

Integral to this process was the recording and auditing of the site energy systems to identify potential energy efficiency options. Subsequently the option efficiencies were quantified in terms of potential Carbon reduction and annual energy cost savings.

Implementation costs were compiled and payback periods calculated to enable option prioritisation in terms of initial capital costs versus long term revenue costs. The data arising was presented in a bespoke report to enable the client to further develop their Energy Management Strategy and derive Action Plans to achieve and maintain energy savings and move towards the Net Zero objective.  

Description of services

  • “Desk survey” to obtain empirical data upon the amount and cost of energy historically used by the extant systems in the properties.
  • Full survey of the building fabric, (roof, walls, cladding, windows, doors and floors etc.), to determine composition and condition.
  • Full survey of the mechanical and electrical systems to determine nature and condition of the systems.
  • Attribution of remaining life expectancy to key elements of the building fabric and the services plant and infrastructure.  
  • Project Management; management of a multi-disciplinary survey team, (Building Surveyors, Mechanical Consultant, Electrical Consultant, Low Carbon Consultant). 

Client: Strategic Investment Board 
Project Value: Over £55,000 
Date: 2020-2021

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