Our values guide our way

It’s how we contribute positively to the lives of people, our industry and the environment.

We value our people

We are friendly and approachable treating people with respect. We provide opportunities for contribution, development and growth.

We are professional

We act and make decisions based on the right thing to do not just the easy way, even if that means challenging conversations and making compromises.

We care about what we do

We are positive and passionate about our roles and look for ways to learn from others and work better together. We take responsibility for our actions.

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We are trusted

We feel trusted for who we are and for our independent advice at all levels. We have autonomy to do our jobs in our own way whilst being able to be authentic.

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We commit

We do what we say we will do, delivering on time, and to an excellent standard, feeling proud of what we achieve.

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It’s the Watts way.

Powered by our people

We’re committed to doing business better – guided by the principles of accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility.

Our environmental pledge to the SME Climate Hub.

Our environmental pledge to the SME Climate Hub.Watts Group Limited is now part of an international community of businesses across the world in making the SME Climate Commitment. We are recognised by the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and we share this pledge with worldwide governments, businesses, cities, regions, and universities who agree to these vital values and sustainability goals. Through the SME Climate Hub programme, we have pledged to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030, achieve net zero emissions before 2050 and disclose and register Watts’ progress toward meeting these targets on an annual basis.

We are taking an active role within the climate crisis to measure our own impact, take responsibility to make significant change and put strategies in place to reduce CO2 emissions. We are also helping the wider community by providing educational sessions on sustainability issues within the construction industry and the impact this may have on local communities.

We have standards to uphold.

We’ve always been very proud of our long history in achieving ISO9001 accreditations, and today we are even prouder to hold a combined ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. The combined ISO award cements how we continuously improve our business performance and streamline multiple management systems which adds real value to our business and our clients across our London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast regions.

By meeting all the industry’s standard requirements with one set of policies and procedures, we can identify unnecessary duplication or potential overlaps in responsibilities and work in a more environmentally conscious way. We are fully committed, and will continue to be committed, to a modernised and restructured way of working to achieve a secure, sustainable and seamless working environment.

We are part of the movement to
help people live comfortably.

Watts Group Limited has voluntarily joined forces with 13,000 other businesses who strongly believe that their staff deserve a decent salary that truly reflects the current cost of living. As part of the Living Wage Foundation, we are a recognised and accredited Living Wage Employer; we are in good company, joining big brand names such as Google, LUSH, Nationwide and premier league football clubs.

Back in 2016, the government brought in a new higher minimum wage for employees over the age of 25, lowering the age to 23 in 2021, but this wage rate wasn’t calculated on what employees and their families needed for everyday life. That’s why we have joined up as a Living Wage Employer to ensure that employees receive the higher-calculated rate which is independently based on actual needs rather than generic stats. Everyone should earn a wage that reflects the current cost of living in such challenging times.

The Watts commitment to Environmental,
Social and Governance.

Transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility have always been at the heart of all we do. We want the businesses who collaborate with us and invest in us to know how seriously we take our impact on the people and our environment who can be affected as we take on new projects. We want to be part of the solution - not the problem, for all the communities we work in and that’s why in March 2023, our Lead Director Iain MacLaren graduated from the first Cohort of the Climate Solutions Management Course at Strathclyde University with an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) certification and is now a member of the Climate Solutions Network.

The ESG accreditation itself is a third party verification system used to accurately demonstrate that we have fulfilled key environmental initiatives and become a more sustainable business. The way Watts conducts business is tracked and reported on creating a culture of sustainability, environmental awareness and social responsibility. Our vision and values are fully on board with the environmental, social, and governance aspects of the business which will deliver a better future.

Partnering with like-minded charities.

Here at Watts, we are proud to announce Mental Health UK as our chosen partner for the 2024/2025 period. Mental Health UK brings together the heritage and experience of four charities from across the country, each with over 50 years of experience in supporting people with their mental health.

In a rapidly changing world, Mental Health UK works tirelessly to deliver both national and local services that enable and empower people to understand and manage their mental health in a person-centred and empathetic way. Their local service delivery combined with national expertise has allowed them to make a significant impact in areas deeply affecting mental health and stability.

Mental Health UK provides support and services for some of the most pressing societal challenges that threaten mental wellbeing, including issues such as money problems, navigating support systems, understanding mental health, combating loneliness and isolation, and building resilience in young people.

At Watts, we recognize the importance of addressing the root causes of poor mental health and equipping individuals with the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives at home, school, and work. By partnering with Mental Health UK, we aim to contribute to their mission of fostering mental wellbeing and resilience across the UK. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by mental health challenges.

Sponsoring the BCO NextGen Cycling Club.

With over 50 years of working in the property sector, here at Watts, we know that relationships matter; they are a way to build and strengthen professional contacts, create an environment of trust and expertise and develop industry knowledge. By sponsoring BCO NextGen, we are providing invaluable opportunities for young professionals to succeed. By forging new relationships, creating a network of like-minded people and sharing ideas, the NextGen Cycling Club is the perfect platform to achieve this.

From architects, agents, surveyors, property managers and everyone in between, we sponsor the only multi-disciplinary commercial property sector network in the UK. With access to over 3,000 property professionals up and down the country, we provide an outdoor opportunity to meet once a week for 5 laps of London’s iconic Regent’s Park.

Committed to diversity and creating an inclusive environment for all Watts employees.

Diversity and inclusion are not one-time initiatives but ongoing commitments that require continuous effort and evolution. Watts Group Limited approaches these with sincerity and authenticity and they contribute largely to a more equal, vibrant and successful business. Whilst these commitments are evident in our every day practice, we are particularly proud of being the first construction company in the UK to sign Property Week’s Pledge to ‘Inspiring Diversity in Property’. For many years, we have been nurturing up-and-coming young talent from all walks of life within our Watts Academy initiative; our highly successful graduate programme supporting the next generation of property professionals.

The Property Week Pledge requires more property companies to “attract, develop and promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce across all levels of seniority; close gender and ethnicity pay gaps; foster a culture of diversity and inclusiveness and create an environment where all people and communities feel empowered; champion and recognise the achievements of employees across all protected workplace characteristics; and set annual equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) objectives and transparently publish progress.”

Our Watts Academy graduate scheme has been designed to provide graduates with the best training and support to develop essential skills; this results in better career choices, job security, higher earning potential and securing professional accreditation and is open to all. The Academy affords the means to provide individuals with whole-career training and personal development opportunities; its remit is wide-reaching and includes graduate training, technical and professional excellence, management training, performance management, career progression and research and development (R&D). All of this learning is underpinned by the Watts values, knowledge and years of industry expertise.